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Moscow free tour

Предлагаем Вам посетить бесплатный увлекательный тур по основным достопримечательностям Москвы.

Тур проводится компанией Moscow Free Tour, которая, по оценке TripAdvisor, является одной из лучших туристических компаний.

On our Free Tours we cover almost all the main attractions in Moscow:

Varvarka Street,
St. Basil Cathedral,
Red Square,
Lenin's Mausoleum,
( please note that we don't visit the mausoleum during the tour. You can do it before the tour at 10 am or any other day (except Monday and Friday) from 10 am to 1 pm )

Senate Palace
Alexander Garden
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Tour duration –   2,5 h  

Yes, we do our tours even in the Russian winter! Be sure, we’ll never let you become cold. We always stop in the middle of the tour for a cup of hot tea or coffee! We also enter All Saints Church, GUM and Kazan Cathedral to warm up.

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